Susanna IC Artqualia

Copyright Notice

Free Patterns:

All of my free patterns are copyright Susanna IC and are protected under the Creative Commons attribution non-commercial license. An explanation of this license, including a link to the full legal code, can be found here:

1. Do not use my pattern for commercial purposes.
2. Feel free to share the pattern with your friends, but be sure the copied pattern includes my name and the URL of my website.
3. If you make changes to my pattern, or create new patterns based on my pattern, please give me credit. Mention my pattern that served as your inspiration and include my name and a link to my website. This protects you as much as it does me - not only do I get credit for the work I have done that inspired you, but your innovations will not be confused for my work.
4. If you would like me to make an exception for you, please contact me.

For Sale Patterns:

1. Any pattern for sale designed by Susanna IC is copyright Susanna IC, all rights reserved.
2. Do not share or distribute copies of my pattern, but feel free to pass along a link.
3. Make as many changes to my pattern as you want, but please do not publish an altered version of my pattern.
4. Do not use my pattern for commercial purposes. This means you may not sell copies of my pattern, altered versions of my pattern, classes based on my pattern or finished objects made from my pattern.
5. If you would like to sell something based on one of my patterns, please contact me.